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Fire Engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to protect people and their environments from the destructive effects of fire and smoke.


A Fire Engineer should possess knowledge in the following areas:


a)      Fire Science

b)      Human Psychology and Physiology

c)      Active Fire Protection Systems Analysis

d)      Passive Fire Protection Systems Analysis

e)      Law, Regulations and Standards

f)       Fire Risk Management


The destructive threats from fire and smoke to human lives and properties have always presented great challenges to scientists and engineers since the dawn of human history. The earliest recorded example of fire science and engineering could be dated back to the Rome regulation requirements on the use of fireproof materials for rebuilding the city walls after the catastrophic fire in Rome in 64 AD. Today, the complexity of fire challenges has been increased exponentially by the unprecedented global economic development and urbanization in the past decades, which have spurred intensified desire of iconic super tall structures, gigantic assembly space for shopping and entertainment, extensive labyrinth of underground mass transit stations and tunnels, and various types of enormous built environment, particularly in regions of emerging economies. Needless to say, the pursuit for innovative architectural masterpieces, the advent of new construction technology and materials, the necessity for global sustainability, and the post 911 concern for emergency preparedness are other influential dimensions of our challenges.


In response to the growing demand for Fire Engineering Professionals to face the new challenges,

the Fire Discipline was established in November 2005 while the Fire Division was subsequently

formed in June 2008.