Chairman’s Message

It is indeed my honour and privilege to be elected as the Chairman of the Fire Division for the Session 2019-2020.   With the strong foundation laid by devoted members over the years, I want to assure that during my tenure, I will build on the achievements of my predecessors in office.

Fire engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to protect life, property, and their environments from the destructive effects of fire and smoke.  It encompasses engineering which focuses on passive fire protection design, fire detection, suppression and mitigation.  It also focuses on human behavior and maintaining a tenable environment for evacuation from a fire.   Fire Division has established a solid platform for engineering professionals with assorted expertise to facilitate mutual exchange of technical knowledge.

On the commencement of competency standard in April this year, it has set the standard expected for engineers seeking professional recognition as Corporate Member by undertaking a competence-based assessment.  Prospective promotions to this effect will be arranged through jointly organized events with our sister institutions to enrich members with multi-facet knowledge – optimistically, together we can generate greater synergy.

The Division Committee will form dedicated teams to offer constructive input in the implementation of Registered Fire Engineers scheme, review of FSI Code of Practice and implementation of Fire Safety (Industrial Buildings) Ordinance.  The teams will offer views of our perspectives on fire engineering and fire safety management in the consultation process, and collaborate with the Government Authorities in the implementation stages.   

A successful division consists in many traits.  Leadership, principles, and culture are all critical, but ultimately it is about people – good people applying good principles.  As such, I will devise means to retain devoted members and attract new ones to join the Fire Division.   I am looking forward to seeing your continue support and meeting you in the coming Division activities.


Ir Thomas CHUNG Chit-chun
Fire Division
Session 2019-2010